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Italian brand has introduced Italian wall putty, which gives a glossy look finish, which is white cement based wall putty, a multifaceted product. It is ideal for application on concrete and on plaster to render a smooth finish.

The putty can be used for filling cracks in brick masonry on terrace, parapet walls and RCC structures. It dries quickly and does require water curing. Also any paint can be applied directly to the walls as the putty is uniformly white, non absorbent and provides a smooth base.

Ready mix putty which fills the pores of mortar/concrete walls and ceiling to provide a white, smooth & dry surface for painting. It has superior water resisting and adhesive properties and can be applied on both exterior and interior surface.

Product Information

Italian wall putty is white cement based wall putty. It provides a protective base for your expensive paints. Its superior water resisting property prevents the paint from flaking even if the walls are damp. It is used to fill the pores in walls and ceiling, so you get smooth & dry surface that’s so important in painting. Italian wall putty being cement based has better compatibility with the base plaster and forms a durable base for paint. It can be applied on both interior and exterior walls making it a revolution in putties.

Available in fine and coarse finish
Fine putty provides a thin skin coat, which acts as protective base for expensive paint.
Packing available in 20 and 40 kg packs.

Benefits, Advantages and Features of Italian Wall Putty

Protection to expensive paints

Italian wall putty is highly water resistant hence it does not peel off due to dampness/minor seepages in the wall surface. Thus it remains strongly adhered to the plastered/concrete wall surface and provide durable base to the top coat of expensive paint.

Being white cement based, it is highly compatible with plastered/concrete wall surface. After applying, it becomes part of the wall plaster and this strong bonding makes it all the more durable to the paints applied over it.

Enhances the beauty of your expensive paints

Italian wall putty is white cement based and when applied on plastered surface provides smooth and white skim coat, it fills the minor cracks/crevices in the plastered wall and hence gives a smooth surface. Being pure white and smooth, it brings out the turn tone/shade of expensive paint applied over it.

Provide best value for your money

Italian wall putty is least absorbent of the option available for skim coat in India. Being smooth and durable, it reduces the paint consumption by 20 – 25 percent as compared to other options available in the market.

By protecting your expensive paint and retaining its beauty for long it reduces the repainting frequency, thus delivering a better life time value as compared to other products.

Being easy to apply, any experienced painter can execute the job making the painting process hassle free.

Preparation of Italian Wall Putty Paste

Italian wall putty is a fine powder. Slowly mix Mr. Chemist wall putty with approx. 40% water by volume to prepare paste. Mix vigorously for 8 – 10 minutes for making lump free, uniform and smooth putty paste. This paste should be used within 2 – 3 hours of its preparation for best result.


Areas of application of Italian wall putty

  • Exterior and interior walls of any building where an aesthetic/decorative coating is desired.
  • Buildings like houses, offices, airports, hospitals, railway stations, trade and technology parks, educational institutes, theatres, museums etc.

How to use Italian wall putty

  • Use Italian wall putty on plastered surface as protective base coat before applying expensive paint.
  • If the plaster is made from grey cement use Italian wall putty to level the surface.
  • Over coarse putty substrate, apply Italian wall putty to smoothen the surface and provide a protection undercoat for expensive paint. The white base will also ensure that the true tone of any shade/color will stand out.

Apply uniformly the first coat of Italian putty with blade/trowel on the wall from bottom to top. Apply second coat after the first coat has dried completely. The total thickness of two coats should not exceed 1.5mm. Allow complete drying and then use fine emery paper to remove the application marks if any. Now the surface is ready for any kind of paint to be applied on it. Use water for curing before applying paint.

Technical Data

Characteristics Test Result
Pot Life 3 hours(Temp 30+/- 2degC,%RH 65 +/-5
Water demand by volume 35 - 40%
Putty: Water ratio 3:1
Maximum thickness of the total coat 1.5mm
Coverage on smooth surface 10-15 sq ft/kg/mm

 The approx cost per sq. feet comes to Rs.1.50/-   to Rs. 1.60/-

Results are of specific sample, tested under specific condition.

Advantages over Plaster of Paris (POPO)

  1. Italian Wall Putty is white cement based product therefore has more strength than gypsum based POP.
  2. Italian Wall Putty is white in appearance while POP is yellowish so wall putty results in giving a better appearance to the paint coated over it.
  3. Italian Wall Putty can be applied on interior & exteriors/exposed surfaces whereas POP can be applier on interior surface only.
  4. Italian Wall Putty can give a protective coat on damp surface while POP does not.

Comparison Between

ITALIAN & Traditional wall putty

Properties Italian wall putty  Traditional wall putty
Binding property Italian wall putty is White cement and acrylic binder based wall Putty. Hence it possesses good Binding property. Due to low cost material, it has very less binding property.
Durability Due to its cement base, Shandar Wall putty becomes an integral part of plaster and hence more durable. Less durable.
Coverage Area Italian wall putty covers more surface Area exceeding 10 sq ft/kg in 2 coats on Newly plastered wall. Covers less surface area.
Water Resistant Italian wall putty resists dampness. Does not resist dampness.
Flaking Not flaking Flaking occurs when items are in Contact with water
Consumption of paint Italian wall putty requires less paint Due to low absorption Require more paint due to high  absorption
Premier coat No premier coat is required Premier coat is a must
Appearance Better appearance due to very high Whiteness of wall putty. ISO 9001-2000 Certified 99% whiteness Appearance is yellowish
Pigmentation Less pigment consumption yet bright Colors High pigment consumption yet dull Colors
Consistency Consistency in quality as it is made under Stringent quality control with tested Ingredients under one roof at company Premises No consistency
Cost Ultimate cost is less Ultimate cost is high


1.What is Wall Putty?

Ans : Wall Putty is a water repellant base coating which provides a protective ,even and smooth base for your costly paints.

2.In what form the wall Putty is available?

Ans : Its available in free flowing powder form.

3.What are the main constituents of wall putty?

Ans : Wall Putty consists of white cement, high performance polymers , minerals & speciality chemicals.

4.How many coats of wall putty are applied on the surface before painting?

Ans : Normally 2 coats of wall putty is used.

5.Can I use wall putty on Damp wall?

Ans : Yes, We Can Use Our Wall Putty on Damp Wall.

6.What type of surface is ideal for applying wall putty?

Ans : Even plaster surface & level in line free from loose particles, oil stains etc.

7.Do we need to cure the surface before applying wall putty?

Ans : The surface should be wet prior to application. This helps in strong bond with substrate.

8.Does Wall Putty provide a breathable surface?

Ans : Yes, Our wall putty provide a breathable surface

9.What is the ideal thickness for wall putty?

Ans : 1.5mm for normal application.




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